Are You An Aspiring Sports Lawyer But Unsure Of Where And How To Start?
Then This Is THE Course For you!
Kick-start Your Career In Sports Law By Learning From An Insider!
During my career in the sports industry, I've learned all its ins and outs and discovered a lot about what it actually takes to find a job in this highly entertaining industry! (hint: it's definitely not just about theoretical knowledge). This even helped me land jobs at FC Barcelona and UEFA!

In this online course, I will teach you the most essential knowledge, skills, advice and recommendations and provide you with a step-by-step guide that I wish I would've had when I got started myself to help you land your dream job as a Sports Lawyer in this industry!
What This Course Offers
This course is specifically designed to not only cover theoretical knowledge but actually teach you
how to build a career in the fascinating world of sports!
Educational Content
Through an engaging video format, this course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the laws governing the sports industry from both a theoretical and practical perspective!
Exclusive Insights
This course will grant you insider advice on how to get started in the sports law industry and an exclusive insight into what the day-to-day of a Sports Lawyer looks like!
Student Network
You will be granted access to an exclusive student network where you will find the latest Sports Law-related news, job/internship opportunities and can interact with your peers through bi-monthly Zoom meetings!
Lifetime Access
To ensure compatibility with your schedule, the course is self-paced, meaning you will be granted lifetime access to all course material as soon as you enroll!
Course Certificate
Upon completion of the course, you will receive a personalized course certificate that you can share on your social channels and add to your CV!
Personal consultation*
We will have a 30-minute one-on-one Zoom session to provide you with individualized advice on how to kick-start your career in Sports Law based on your personal challenges and opportunities!

* This Feature Is Only Included In The Course + Mentoring Package

Meet your instructor  - Jessie Engelhart
I am an international Sports Lawyer with professional experience at international law firms, FC Barcelona and UEFA. I am also the founding partner of Sensato Sports Law, a Barcelona-based boutique law firm specialized in all sports-related disputes and advisory matters.

My expertise is providing legal advice to athletes, intermediaries and clubs primarily regarding contractual matters (employment, representation, transfer and image rights agreements) and defending clients’ interests before Spanish courts and (inter)national sports tribunals.

By offering this course, my intention is to share my knowledge and exclusive industry insights accumulated throughout my professional career in the Sports industry with aspiring Sports Lawyers to help them turn their passion into their profession!
Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction

- Welcome: Purpose of the course & content overview
- My Story: How I went from a standard law school to being an International Sports Lawyer and owning my own law firm
- Challenges: What are the current challenges of building a career in Sports Law and how do you overcome them?
- Opportunities: Why this is the perfect moment to start building a career in Sports Law

Module 2: Knowledge

- Introduction to Sports Law: What exactly is Sports Law and can it be considered as an independent area of law?
- Sports Contracts: What are the most important types of sports contracts that a Sports Lawyer needs to deal with?
- FIFA Regulations: What are the most important FIFA regulations that a Sports Lawyer needs to deal with?
- Sports Arbitration: What is it and why is it so important?
- Anti-Doping: How does the Sports Industry fight against doping + examples of major doping scandals
- Intermediaries: What are the roles/responsibilities of Sports Intermediaries/Agents + potential conflicts of interest
- Reading materials: Interesting articles to read about topics discussed in this module

Module 3: Experience

- Internships: How to find them, get them, and actually turn them into your job
- Transferable Skills: How to start your career with no sports law-related or even legal experience
- A day in the life of: What does a typical day of a Sports Lawyer look like?
- Career Prospects: What are the different types of jobs you can go for as an aspiring Sports Lawyer?

Module 4: Network

- Social Media: How to leverage your social media presence to build a network and build your career
- Events & Conferences: How to get the most out of your attendance + ones to keep an eye out for
- Building a Client Base: The 4 keys to successfully building a client base from scratch
- Mentors: How to reach out to industry professionals, ask the RIGHT questions and build a relationship
- Standing Out From The Crowd: How to differentiate yourself from all the other aspiring Sports Lawyers
- Thank You: A final and personal message from me!

Module 5: Student Network

- Join the Community: How to join our student network

Module 6: Mentoring*

- Personal Consultation: How to schedule your 30 min 1:1 mentoring session with me

* This Feature Is Only Included In The Course + Mentoring Package

Pricing Options

You can choose between two different packages!

the course
One-time payment, VAT included.
  • ✔️ Lifetime Access To All Educational Content & Exclusive Insights
  • ✔️ Access To The Student Network
  • ✔️ Course Certificate Upon Completion
  • ❌ 1:1 Mentoring Session With Me

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the course + mentoring
One-time payment, VAT included.
  • ✔️ Lifetime Access To All Educational Content & Exclusive Insights
  • ✔️ Access To The Student Network
  • ✔️ Course Certificate Upon Completion
  • ✔️ 1:1 Mentoring Session With Me

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See what some of my students have to say about the course!

Great course!

By Emile

This well-explained course of Jessie Engelhart is not only helpful for Sports Lawyers, but also for aspiring Sports Agents. The topics that have been discussed will certainly come in useful for me. Thank you for this opportunity! Rated 5/5!

Course offers hope and guidance!

By Aditya

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful and insightful course on “How to become a Sports Lawyer”. You’re doing a great job by offering some hope and guidance for students like me to consider a career in sports law.
I had signed up for the course a couple of weeks ago and finally found the time to complete it. The ‘Experience’ section of the course was really helpful especially since I’m due to graduate by next week and on the look out for jobs. It’s been a bit hard finding any jobs in the sports space but I’m hopeful that by applying your methods, I should find some success.

Very comprehensive!

By Niek

This course exceeded my expectations as it not only covered the theoretical aspect of sports law but also the practical part on how to actually enter the sports law field. Very glad to have signed up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Course For?
The course is designed for aspiring Sports Lawyers and Agents. Whether you are a law student with an interest in Sports Law or an aspiring Agent who wants to get a deeper understanding of the legal framework, this course is for anyone with an interest in the laws governing Sports!
Will I Get A Certificate Upon Completion Of The Course?
Yes! You will receive a personalised course certificate which you can use for your academic and professional purposes.
When Does the Course Start?
The course is self-paced and therefore has no fixed start or end date! Upon registration, you will receive lifetime access to all course materials and you can start and finish the course according to your own rhythm!
What Will I Have Learned By The End Of The Course?
By the end of the course you will have a profound understanding of the theoretical framework surrounding Sports and a step-by-step practical guide on how to start your career in Sports Law. You will also be granted access to an exclusive student network where you can find internship and job opportunities and connect with peers!

You will have a clear overview of the different career prospects in Sports Law, the challenges and opportunities tied to this emerging field of law and an in-depth understanding of the theoretical framework and most important regulations for lawyers and agents.

You will know how to find internships in Sports Law, what the day-to-day of a Sports lawyer is like, how to grow your network and build a client base and how to differentiate yourself from others in this competitive but oh so entertaining legal field!
What Does The Mentoring Session Consist Of?
The mentoring session is a 1:1 personal consultation call with me where I give you personalised advice based on your individual context (strengths, opportunities, limitations etc.) you can ask me any questions and I provide you with practical guidance as to your next steps.
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